About Us

The Spry Farm is a family hobby farm owned and enjoyed by Tyler & Leanne Spry and our two sons, Henry and Waylon. We are located in Devlin Ontario, just 10 miles west of Fort Frances.

After building, in the country in 2015, we decided to buy and raise a few chickens… they’re the gateway drug to hobby farming, people! You have been warned! We started out with 4 silkie chicks, and have since added:

  • miniature horses
  • pygmy goats
  • potbelly x kune kune pigs
  • miniature donkeys
  • a guinea pig
  • a third dog
  • a cat
  • many more chickens

We keep animals primarily for our own enjoyment, but we also host farm visits & offer petting zoo services.

A little about Leanne

  • Leanne has loved animals all her life.
  • In fourth grade her family moved to Devlin, after her parents bought her grandfather’s 76 acre farm (The Spry Farm is 5 acres of that original family farm).
  • She grew up with horses all her life, starting out trail riding and competing in gymkhana events, and then making the transition to breed shows, showing performance quarter horses on the AQHA circuits.
  • She graduated from The College of St. Scholastica, in Duluth MN, with a Bachelor’s degree in Advertising & Public Relations.
  • Aside from farming, Leanne also teaches college marketing and communications courses, on a contract basis, and provides freelance graphic design and social media management services to clients.
  • Her favourite animal is a dog (even though everyone thinks it’s a horse)

A little about Tyler

  • Tyler grew up in International Falls MN, enjoying typical Minnesota activities like fishing on Rainy Lake and deer hunting at “The Shack” in Littlefork, MN.
  • He is VERY handy and loves building projects. Quite literally anything, on our property has been built solely/partially by Tyler.
  • He graduated Iowa State University in 2009 with a degree in Industrial Technologies
  • Tyler currently works in Power & Recovery, for PCA (formerly Boise), in International Falls, MN.
  • His favourite animal is also a dog.

A little about Henry

  • Henry is 5 years old
  • Henry insists that he is going to be a bull rider when he grows up
  • He enjoys riding on the wheelies (4-wheelers/quads), playing soccer, watching Wild Kratts, and playing outside
  • His favourite animal, on the farm, is Joaquin the rooster and Herschel the Tom turkey.

A little about Waylon

  • Waylon is 3 years old
  • Waylon loves trains and construction vehicles
  • He loves to ride on the wheelies (4-wheelers/quads), "jump in muddy puddles" (thanks Peppa pig), and play outside
  • His favourite animal, on the farm, is the donkeys