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Pygmy Goats

Oreo & Tyrion

Oreo & Tyrion are our two pygmy goat wethers (castrated male goats), from a hobby farm called, The 10 Acre Woods, in Anola, MB. They were born April 15, 2016 and are twin brothers. They joined the farm in July 2016.

2018 School Groups - Thank You!

The Spry Farm School Trips


Last week we wrapped up the last of our 2018 School Trips, with a total of 9 school groups, consisting of 13 classes, from 6 different schools, in grades ranging from nursery school to fourth grade. We just wanted to take this time to thank all the school groups who came out to visit the farm!

How to Care for Your Pet Goat

Pygmy Goat Care

When we got our first goats, I thought they would be kept much like horses or cattle… hay, clean water, annual vaccines, salt lick, regular de-worming, good to go... Then I met Carol Inkster and learned that there is much more to goat care than I knew was possible.