The Spry Farm - New Website & Blog

The Spry Farm Online


Why did we officially brand ourselves as, “The Spry Farm”, create an Official Facebook Page, a website, and start a blog?

For starters, because while we find ourselves incredibly fortunate to live on a farm, and have a variety of animals to interact and care for on the day-to-day, we appreciate that that is not the reality for everyone. These online platforms are a great way for us to share our photos, knowledge, and experiences with people.

The Spry Farm on Facebook

I originally started The Spry Farm page on Facebook, and account on Instagram, because of the overwhelming response I had received, when originally posting to my personal Facebook and Instagram profiles. People would engage with me (both online and in-person) about how much they enjoyed seeing my posts of the animals and our two little farmhands, Henry & Waylon. I figured that with all the negative crap that you see online these days, if photos and videos of cute kids and animals brightened peoples’ days, why not spread a little happiness?

The Spry Farm Website

As we began gaining followers on Facebook and Instagram and booking more farm visits, with schools in the area, we thought that it was worth our while to have an official online presence and start operating the farm as a bit of a business. Our website has information about the Spry family, all our animals, about the services that we offer, and contact information for anyone who would like to schedule a visit.

We will also have some really awesome "Farm Fun" merchandise, down the line, so stay tuned for that as well!

The Spry Farm Blog

I mostly wanted to start a blog, pertaining to life on The Spry Farm, so I could remember information. What I mean by that is this… When you have a number of animal care regimens that you only go through a few times a year or less, it’s really difficult to remember what you did.

For example:

  • What minerals should you always have available for your goats and why?
  • What vaccines and/or wormers do I need for my animals, and when?
  • My chicken is broody… what do I do?

Honestly, the list goes on and on. There are so many sources (many of which are contradictory of one another) available online, but I wanted to be able to reference my own information and share, what has worked for us, with others.

So, all in all, we’re just going to be available across multiple platforms, with a variety of content that will do a little something for everyone. I hope that, if you are reading this, you have or will find a little something that spoke to you.