About Us

Welcome to The Spry Farm!
Our family enjoys a 5 acre hobby farm in the heart of Northwestern Ontario Canada.
We built this business to get the most out of country living and spend more time together as a family.
Our farm is continually evolving and we are enjoying all the opportunities that this life offers.

Follow your passion and it will lead you to your purpose. – Oprah

A little about us…

Leanne Spry

Leanne has always had a passion and understanding for animals, especially dogs and horses. She grew up showing performance quarter horses on the AQHA circuits and believes that was her segue into agriculture.

Leanne has trained many of her own horses, and all of her own dogs, over the years. While in University, Leanne volunteered at a local animal shelter, teaching dogs, who were up for adoption, good manners (especially on the leash, during the walk). Leanne has a natural affinity to dog behaviour and a desire to educate humans of how to raise and enjoy a balanced dog.

Leanne’s educational and professional background is in advertising and public relations, with a focus in graphic design and marketing. Prior to The Spry Farm, she worked in web development and project/marketing management for 9 years. She currently offers freelance and contract-based graphic design and media services via Leanne Spry Design.


  • Leanne never though she would grow up and be living on a farm. She envisioned herself living a metropolitan lifestyle, working in a large Advertising firm.
  • Leanne loves babies (they even get her a little ‘misty-eyed’ because, “they are so perfectly innocent”).

Tyler Spry

Beekeeping is a passion of Tyler’s and has evolved from a 3-hive hobby to a 45-hive business, with further plans to expand and provide delicious local honey to our customers.

Tyler is an avid learner and accomplished woodworker and handy-man. He is also a volunteer member of the local fire & rescue team and keen to further his knowledge and skills in the industry.

Tyler’s educational and professional background are in Industrial Technologies. He currently works for the Packaging Corporation of America (PCA) in International Falls, MN., but would like to pursue beekeeping and other pursuits full-time one day.


  • Tyler was a commissioned Officer in the United States Navy.
  • Tyler has built/renovated literally everything at The Spry Farm.

Henry & Waylon Spry

Henry & Waylon are typical ‘busy boys” who are very different personalities.

Henry is a soft-spoken, calm, follow-the-rules type of boy who loves the natural world (especially animals).

Waylon is a charming, soft-hearted ball of energy who loves tractors, trains, and anything with some get up and go!


  • Henry wants to be “one of those guys who goes around the world making videos about animals” when he grows up.
  • Waylon wants to be a police officer or a fire fighter when he grows up, “so [he] can help people.”

We just had our boys’ birthday party at the Spry Farm and have nothing but great things to say about our experience. They had a beautiful shady spot all set up for us and everyone loved seeing all the animals. We would definitely book another party with them 😊

Carly Whalen

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