About Us

Follow your passion; It will lead you to your purpose.


Welcome to The Spry Farm! We are the Spry family (Leanne, Tyler, Waylon, and Henry) and we enjoy a 5 acre hobby farm in the heart of Northwestern Ontario Canada.

While the farm and our animals are primarily for our own enjoyment, we also offer agritourism opportunities with farm tours & petting zoos.

Beekeeping is a passion of Tyler’s and has evolved from a 3-hive hobby to a 15-hive business, with further plans to expand and provide delicious local honey to our customers.

Leanne has always had a passion and understanding for animals, and especially dogs. In 2021 we will be offering dog boarding and training services to the public.

We built this business to get the most out of country living and spend more time together as a family. Our farm is continually evolving and we are enjoying all the opportunities that this life offers.

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