Meet Your Trainer

Hello everyone! My name is Leanne Spry. I am a relationship-based, balanced dog trainer who focuses on behaviour and psychology first and obedience second.

I have loved animals my whole life. I was your typical “horse girl” growing up, but I have always been OBSESSED with dogs.

I found ways to be involved with dogs all my life… In grade school I would read and re-read The Dog Breed Encyclopedia and Canine Behaviour books, walk peoples’ dogs, and basically just interact with as many dogs as humanly possible.

In my early twenties I came across The Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan and… I. Was. Hooked. I have utilized his methods on my own dogs, friends’ dogs, roommates’ dogs, shelter dogs (I volunteered at the humane society while in college) and you know what? THEY WORK.

Full disclosure: If you aren’t a fan of his philosophy, regarding dog psychology, then I am not the trainer for you.

But, if you are open and committed to developing a beneficial relationship with your dog, I will help you both find balance and fulfillment.

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