Local Honey and Bees

Connecting people to local Northwestern Ontario honey & bees.

Raising honey bees in Northwestern Ontario, providing the region with honey bees, 100% raw local honey, handmade honey & beeswax products, and beekeeping woodenware products.

At The Spry farm, we love sharing our passion for beekeeping by raising and selling hearty Northwestern honey bee colonies as well as offering our delicious Northwestern Ontario honey for sale.


Local Northwestern Ontario Honey
Purchase our delicious, local Rainy River District honey online, at the farm, at retail locations, and at seasonal vendor/farmer’s markets.

Rainy River District Honey Bee Colonies & Queens
Purchase hearty Northwestern Ontario bees to get started or keep going in your beekeeping endeavors! Selling nucs and queens as of 2022.


3322 HWY 11/71
PO Box 125 | Devlin, ON | P0W 1C0
Leanne: (807) 276-5466
Tyler: (807) 271-3219

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