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I truly can’t say enough about Leanne’s dog training! She has helped Winston become a better dog all around. Her knowledge on dog behaviours/psychology is amazing. There are no quick fixes but using the tips and skills that Leanne taught us has saved my relationship with my dog. We are so grateful to have her in our lives, I don’t know where we would be without her!gh!

I had spent countless hours on YouTube, and worked virtually with a couple trainers in Minneapolis, with no progress. We made more progress in one hour with Leanne… It was amazing! I wish I had reached out sooner, but I’m glad we’re finally on the right path.

Leanne is incredible with dogs. Patient, calm, upbeat, and intelligent in her approach… she absolutely works complete wonders with any dog around her, is one of Pippins favorite people, and the Spry farm is her favorite place to visit if you are lucky enough to work with Leanne, do it!!

Leanne was great at training me to train my new pup! She answered all my questions and concerns without any judgement, was informative and and professional. I would 100% recommend her.  

Thank you! The transformation I saw in Duncan, from the week of him being there with you, is my biggest motivator. Just seeing how life could be for us at home, knowing that Duncan can live a happy healthy life despite his past is really all I need.

You literally changed our lives and I will be forever grateful.

Leanne is super knowledgeable!!! we noticed a huge improvement in our pup Murphy after our session with her and implementing the things she taught us. It was super helpful!

The tip about helping Omega get comfortable in her bed inside has been life changing. Literally all it took was the expectation set when you were here and it instantly became her norm. I cannot believe it and I can’t thank you enough!

We were fortunate enough to have Leanne share her training methods with our family. She was amazing and we learned so much. We will definitely need a refresher in the spring. Thank you Leanne. ♥️

I’ll preface this in saying I’m not a dog owner. However, I have had the chance to see Leanne’s own dogs during school tours we had at Spry Farm (pre-covid). They are some of the most well-behaved dogs and that’s saying something when there were 40-50 exciteable kids around. It was also quite obvious how much her dogs love and trust her. Just based on that, any dog and dog owner would be lucky to have Leanne in their corner giving them guidance.

We love that Chief was able to experience Spry Farms ‘obedience school’ – Chief has developed such a warm, funny personality and has been constantly learning new tricks. Thank you! ❤️🐾

I loved the training we did with you… I’m actually hoping you will do a “part 2” to the intro session next year! It was great working in small groups to interact with other dogs and their families. We look forward to working with you again (because sometimes I’m not very consistent 🤷🏼‍♀️) ❤️

I only worked with you for a short time but your methods are effective and only built the relationship between my dog and her family. There was never anything suggested to us that was based on “fear and punishment”, in fact, quite the opposite and built on the methods we were already using.

Leanne was nothing short of amazing with helping me train my dog. She taught me how to build a healthy relationship through great communication and trust. No fear and punishment taught in any way shape or form. Riggs loved his time at Spry farm and I love that I now have the skills to continually grow with him!

Bailey and I loved our session with you!! You gave us such helpful tools/tips to work with 🙂 would absolutely connect with you again!

Leanne is awesome and knows her stuff. We had a wonderful experience working with her and intend on getting ourselves a refresher in the future. I would highly recommend her to everyone. Keep up the amazing work Leanne! We are extremely lucky to have you and your expertise in our area.

We only had one session with you yet, but there was no fear based training at all! Everything was positive and upbeat, focusing on building on good behaviors. It gave us a great start to our new guy. Thank you!

I loved working with Leanne. She has helped me so much with koda and molly. Her training methods are logical and work and definitely not fear based. Thank you for all your help and I look forward to work with you with my fur babies in the future. Highly recommend ❤️ This would not have happened without her training. We are much more peaceful in our home

The difference we saw in Ellie’s behaviour just in the time that we were together was amazing. You then gave us the tools to further build our relationship and trust with Ellie. I wish you could see how well she does on her walks now. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! 🥰

We never would have survived the early weeks of puppy-hood if we hadn’t met with you. Will work with you again and will always highly recommend you to others!


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PO Box 125 | Devlin, ON | P0W 1C0
Leanne: (807) 276-5466
Tyler: (807) 271-3219

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